DSLiero is a remake of the popular DOS game Liero for the Nintendo DS made by Schmendrick Schmuck (Dennis van Zwieten). The latest download link can be found to the right, links to other downloads are to the left.
Liero for Nintendo DS. Showing the built in Level Editor to the left, and two in-game screenshots


DSLiero update!

A new version of DSLiero has been released, and the site has been updated along with it.

Game changes:
- Updated to new libnds (mostly fat-related)
- Added icon
- Added custom graphics support
- Added options version check
- Added stats screen (hold select in-game)
- Added better keyboard for level saving
- Auto-load level and gfx on startup
- Made bullet/object AABB smaller
- Fixed team member bugs
- Changed flag/base colors
- Prevented weapon name overflow in weapon softbuttons
- Changed message font (added lowercase)
- Changed menu structure
- Modified bg draw code
  - Removes 2px scrolling issue
  - Should be faster
- Prevented sprites outside visible space from being drawn
- Health bonus min value changed to 10%
- Removed 'Exit' option in menu
- Fixed several small bugs
  - Initial bullet distance
  - Copy level on exit level editor
  - Weapons like Cannon and Hellraider fixed

Website updates:
- Removed login requirement to upload your content
- Enabled gfx upload
- Uploaded GFX converter

So please enjoy this new version, and don't forget to upload any awesome level/theme/gfx files you made!

Final DSLiero update for the GBATemp Bounty

This is the final update for DSLiero in the GBATemp Homebrew Bounty; after today the entries will be locked for judging.

- Digging distance shortened
- Worm bounding box modified to be more like the original
- Changed Game of Tag messages
- Removed level selection
- Added simplifying debugging options to the game (nothing the user will see though)

The next update will (probably) see the following:

- Custom gfx support
- Menu rehash, include lobby menu

New DSLiero release!

The new DSLiero release is here, featuring big updates in options, graphics and the level editor. For the full changelog, see the readme file included in the download, which is, as always, to the right.

The DSLiero post for the GBATemp Homebrew Bounty has also been updated.

Have fun!

Changelog summary:

- Enabled loading original Liero levels
- Added background textures to the level editor
- Added all palette colors to level editor
- Added size slider in level editor

- Added level shadows
- Added firecone
- Added lasersight/laser weapon type icon change
- Added map display
- Added stereo sound
- Added names on bonuses
- Changed screen size to original resolution

- Added direction steerable weapons
- Added pause menu
- Added game modes
- Added weapon softbuttons

- Max worms upped to 8
- Improved AI: Shouldn't commit suicide as much
- Changed values to more match the original game
- Added 'Cheats' item in Options menu. This may fix some errors encountered while playing (zero gravity, destructible rock, etc)

DSLiero in GBATemp Homebrew Bounty 2011

DSLiero has entered in the GBATemp Homebrew Bounty. See the DSLiero post for more details.

I would also like to use this opportunity to remind you that you can share your levels and themes by registering. Registration is mandatory to prevent garbage uploads, and it is, of course, free.

In case you missed it, there is the possibility to support DSLiero development by clicking the donate button to the right.

A big update is on the way! You can expect the following:

- Team Deathmatch game mode
- Big Level Editor update
- Stereo sound
- Map display
- Updated AI
- And more...

Stay tuned!

DSLiero release/site launch!

First release of DSLiero is here! See link to the right for download.

This website is meant to be a central hub to collect all user-generated content for the game. To upload your files, use the link to the right to register. Then use the form that appears at the bottom of the screen to upload your files.
Level files automatically generate a preview image, no further action is needed.


- Gameplay nearly identical to original
- Built-in level editor
- All* of the original weapons (see TODO)
- All of the original sounds
- Custom theme support
- Fully customizable controls
- Stylus aiming


Themes are files containing information about all weapons and objects in the game. For DSLiero, they are stored in the SD:/Data/DSLiero/Themes/ folder.
Without a theme file (*.thm), you can only shoot explosion-trailed bazookas, so you might want to have at least one. To change your theme, open the Options menu and select 'Theme...', where you can browse your theme collection for the theme you want to use.

To create a theme, it's easiest to use my DSLiero Theme Editor. You can also create your themes manually (they're only text files anyway), but that's a LOT of work. A 'default' theme, which is basically a copy of the original Liero theme, can be found packaged with the game release. It can also be found on the website.


Levels can be up to 9 screens big (max 3x3), and can use the following textures:
- Dirt types: The standard destructible material
  - Dirt: Default dirt color
  - Green: Greenball color
  - Red: Blood color
  - Shell: Shell color
  - Worm: Worm1 color
- Rock types: Standard indestructible material
  - Gray: Default rock color
- Special types: Special materials
  - Pass: Objects and weapons can pass through, but worms can't
- Eraser: Not really a texture, but it should be noted that it's there.

To select a texture, hold either Left or the A button to bring up the texture selection, then tap a color. Press Up/Down or X/B to change the brush size. Press Start to exit the level editor.

Levels can be saved on flashcard. On starting, the game creates a 'data/DSLiero/Levels' folder. The levels themselves will be 4-20k in size. I haven't really tried to make a lot of levels, so they may become up to 30k, depending on how detailed your levels are. That said, you can only save levels on hardware. A few levels will come packed with the game release.


- CTF game type support
- Map display on top screen
- Stereo sound (everything's mono now)
- Random level generation
- Fix non-usable weapon types (laser/direction steerable)
- Update AI
- Multiplayer (wifi/nifi)
- Custom graphics/sound support
- Worm options
- Add teams / team game modes (team deathmatch, etc)

- Background scrolls horizontally at 2px steps on hardware

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