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DSLiero Game Files

The DSLiero .nds file, the default theme and a few levels. To play DSLiero, you will need a homebrew enabled Nintendo DS. Place the DSLiero.nds file anywhere on your sd card, and add the 'data' folder to the root of your card. See the included README.txt for more info.
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DSLiero Theme Editor

Graphical theme editor for DSLiero. Edit values and save the .thm file for direct use in the game!

UPDATE: Previous version seemed to crash on computers other than my own; fixed in this version.
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DSLiero Sprite Converter

Everything you need to create your custom gfx for DSLiero! This software will help you convert original .chr gfx files to DSLiero format.
Everything is explained in the included .txt file.

An 'original.pcx' file is included for you to edit.
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