DSLiero Privacy Policy

Concerned about your privacy? Don't be. Here's why:

- Other than registration information, no personal data will be saved

- No one has access to your data but the website administrator (me)

- This data consists only of your username and email address

- Passwords are stored in encrypted format, and as such, only known to you. An email is sent once containing your password should you forget it; you cannot request recovery of your password

- I will not send spam or advertising emails of any sort. I hate those emails myself, and do not wish to do this to anyone else. Future website profile options may enable you to receive DSLiero updates via email, but never without your consent

- Seriously, no spam mails. I want this site to be the place to go for DSLiero content, and I will not ruin this by harassing its users

If you are not convinced or have any questions, please contact me at dsliero@dennisvanzwieten.com.

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